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How to Replace Toro Lawn Mower Wheels

Replacing lawn mower wheels on a push mower is not as labor intensive as replacing lawn mower tires on a riding mower. When you replace the Toro lawn mower wheels, you will need to purchase the correct wheels for your mower. The rear wheels of the Toro self-propelled mower have gears that must line up with the mower gears for proper operation. You can purchase replacement wheels at home improvement centers and from authorized Toro dealers.

Place your Toro lawn mower on a flat surface. Lift up the front of the mower and place two pieces of wood under the mower deck frame between the two front wheels. Lower the mower so that the front of the deck rests on the wood.

Place a wrench on the nut securing the wheel bolt. The nut will be on the inside of the mower deck. Remove the wheel bolt with a socket wrench and pull the wheel off the mower. A spacer may be between the wheel and the mower deck. Be sure to pick the spacer up off the ground because it will fall off during the wheel removal.

Insert the retaining bolt through the new wheel and slide the spacer over the retaining bolt on the backside of the wheel.

Insert the retaining bolt into the hole in the deck and thread the nut over the retaining bolt. Tighten the bolt with a socket wrench. Repeat for the opposite front tire.

Remove the wood from under the front of the deck and place the wood under the rear of the mower deck to raise the rear tires. Replace the wheels on the rear exactly as you did on the front, unless you have a self-propelled Toro mower.

Remove the retaining bolts on the rear wheels with a socket wrench and pull the wheels off the mower. There is a gear on the wheel hub that the rear wheel mounts to if you have a self propelled mower. The inside of the rear wheel also has a larger gear.

Place the replacement rear wheel into position on the hub and rotate left to right until the wheel gear seats into the hub gear. Secure the wheel with the retaining bolt.

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