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How to Replace the String on a Toro Trimmer

Toro has made great strides in their line of trimmer products. The electric and cordless Toro line of trimmers use a replaceable spool rather than having to restring the line. The gas-powered Toros use a "reel easy string head” that makes string replacement quick without the need to remove the string head. Toro recommends using .095 monofilament line for replacing line on the trimmer. You can purchase replacement line or the replacement spool at Toro dealers and home improvement centers.

Gas-Powered Toro

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the top of the spark plug. Cut a 25-foot piece of string from the stock string with a pair of scissors.

Turn the knob on the bottom of the string head until the line on the knob lines up with the arrows on the string head.

Insert one end of the line through one of the eyelets on the trimmer head. Push the line through until it comes out the other eyelet on the trimmer head. Grab the end of the line with your fingers and pull until you have equal amounts of line on each side of the trimmer head.

Grab the side of the trimmer head with one hand and grab the knob with the other hand. If you have a straight shaft trimmer, turn the knob clockwise to wind the string. If your trimmer has the curve shaft, turn the knob counter-clockwise to wind the trimmer line.

Continue turning the knob until there is only 8-inches of line remaining on each side of the trimmer head. Plug the spark plug wire back over the spark plug.

Electric/Cordless Spool Replacement

Disconnect the power cord from the Toro trimmer.

Squeeze the tabs on the side of the trimmer spool with your fingers and pull the spool away from the trimmer.

Insert the new spool over the trimmer spool housing and push the spool in until the tabs lock in place.

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