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How to Care for a Fuschia Hanging Basket

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Fuschia plants are native to South America. Two-tone colored flowers come in deep purple, magenta or fuschia and are tear-drop shaped, hanging down from branches that spread out in all directions. This tropical plant grows best in containers on a shady porch or patio, providing summer-long color. While treating the plants poorly--by putting them in full sun, for example--can yield poor results, observing a few simple rules will keep the plants healthy with relatively little trouble.

Grow your plant in a container with an attached tray underneath to catch the water. This keeps the plant from losing too many nutrients when water drains out of the bottom of the container too quickly after watering.

Place your fuschia hanging basket in a shady location such as a porch or patio. Some morning sun is tolerated.

Water your fuschia on a regular basis preferably in the morning. Watering every day is usually necessary to keep the soil moist and when the weather is very hot water twice a day. If the plant becomes droopy, it is a signal to water. If the water runs off the sides of the planter when watering, there is a crust over the soil that needs to be removed. Simply break it up with a small fork and pick it off.

Fertilize with a balanced flowering plant food, 20-20-20 every two weeks beginning in late spring. Always water the plant first before applying the fertilizer and stop feeding in late summer as the plant slows down growth for the winter.

Bring your fuschia hanging basket inside during the winter to protect from cold weather. Hang in front of a south-facing window and your plant will continue to grow throughout the winter time. In late spring after chance of frost you can place the plant back outside.


Avoid late afternoon sun which can burn the leaves and cause the plant to wilt.

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