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Plants That Can Grow Roots in Water

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Propagating plants in water is an easy way to increase the amount of houseplants you have on hand. Herbaceous stem cuttings, essentially means cutting a tender growth from a terminal shoot, and propagating a new plant, according to University of Missouri Extension. Using water to propagate a stem cutting is an effective method of generating young plants from a mature plant.

Wandering Jew

Tradescantia zebrine, commonly referred to as a wandering jew, is a popular houseplant. In addition to indoor use, wandering jew is often used in hanging baskets on covered porches or window boxes.This plant is native to southern Mexico and features small lavender colored flowers and purple or green foliage. According to the University of Missouri, wandering jews are easy to start and will root in water. They typically prefer indirect sunlight.

Arrowhead Vine

Nephthytis, also known as arrowhead vine, is a common houseplant that will develop roots underwater. Some species are even found growing near shallow water sources. According to the University of Illinois Extension, Nepthythis has heart-shaped leaves with silver, white or yellow markings. These plants also prefer indirect sunlight and are regular used as houseplants or as foliage plants in window boxes and planters.


Coleus, or Solenostemon, is a native plant from Africa, Asia and the Philippines. These perennials are generally grown as outdoor annuals in the United States, but are also popular houseplants. These plants are one of the easiest water-rooting plants and will grow well in water for an extended period of time. In addition they feature heart shaped foliage in a variety of colors including dark purple, bright red, and green and white variegated. Coleus prefers full sun to partial shade.


Impatiens wallerana, is a bedding plant that can be rooted in water. Impatiens feature a wide variety of colors including white, pink, salmon, purple, orange or red, and many bi-colored varieties as well. Impatiens prefers partial shade and can tolerate cool outdoor temperatures. In addition to growing indoors as a houseplant, Impatiens can be found in flower beds as well as planters, window boxes and flower pots.


Philodendrons are hardy houseplants that root well in water. Philodendrons are generally used as houseplants and grow best in indirect sunlight. This foliage plant has heart shaped green leaves that grow on vines.

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