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How to Take Care of a Chinese Bamboo Plant

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Chinese bamboo are considered lucky plants that bring good fortune. Once seen primarily in China, they are now common in much of the United States. They are often used in feng shui (the art of placement) because they symbolize water and wood elements. Bamboo is grown in tray-like containers filled with water and gravel, instead of soil. Though they are low-maintenance, Chinese bamboo plants still require some attention to enhance their growth.

Water with filtered or purified water if your tap water contains fluoride or chlorine. The chemicals will have adverse effects on the plant.

Pour the water over the gravel in the bamboo container. Make sure there is water on all the rocks, so that it cleans out any mold or algae. Dump the water from the tray once a week and add fresh water.

Fertilize Chinese bamboo annually in the summer. Apply 1 or 2 drops of aquarium plant food to the water at the base of the plant. Adding more than this will hurt the plant.

Keep the plant in indirect sunlight. Inside a room is a good place because it receives filtered light. Direct sun can burn the bamboo.

Keep the temperature indoors between 50 and 90 degrees F. Humidity or cooler temperatures can kill the plant.

Prune the Chinese bamboo if it grows too long. Snip off the very top. You can place this segment in gravel and water to establish a new plant.

Care Of Bamboo House Plants

Bamboo house plants, also known as lucky bamboo, is a member of the Dracenea houseplant family. Usually grown in a glass vase with water and pebbles, lucky bamboo adds a Feng Shui feel to any room, making it the center piece. Caring for one isn’t difficult and doesn’t require a lot of time. Place the lucky bamboo in a room that receives bright, filtered sunlight but avoiding direct sunlight because may scorch leaves recommends Bella Online Feng Shui Editor Carol Olmstead. However, not enough sunlight can lead to weak growth. Select an area in the home with warm temperatures of 65 to 90 degrees. This dosage is recommended because there isn’t soil in the bamboo container to soak up the fertilizer salts which will burn the roots if the plant food is too strong.


Move the plant farther out of the sunlight if you notice the leaves turning yellow or wilting. This indicates the bamboo is getting too much sun.

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