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How to Make Floral Arrangements for a Pedestal

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Flower arrangements are sometimes displayed sitting on a pedestal, which is a tall column or base specifically for displaying sculptures are floral designs. Floral designs on pedestals are commonly used in weddings and other formal ceremonies. When making a pedestal floral arrangement, consider the location of the pedestal. If the arrangement is not seen up close, then small flowers and details may go unnoticed. Use a stable container and remember that a tall vase may easily become unsteady if touched during the ceremony.

Find a stable container for the pedestal and remember the weight of the floral foam and container helps stabilize the arrangement. When designing a floral arrangement for a pedestal, keep in mind the taller the arrangement, the lower the base or container should be for stability. Place tall vases with equally tall flowers in areas with little to no human traffic

Choose a container that covers around 80 percent of the top of the pedestal. Don't choose a container with a larger base than the top of the pedestal. The bottom of the container looks out of balance if it overhangs the top of the pedestal.

Measure the height needed for the flower arrangement from the top of the pedestal. Some flowers purchased wholesale, such as lilies and some roses, are available with 36-inch stems. Most flowers sold commercially have stems between 18 and 24 inches.

Make the floral arrangement on a table or stable surface. Do not attempt to make the arrangement directly on the pedestal, because the pedestal may lack stability.

Soak the floral foam in a sink or container of water mixed with the correct amount of professional floral hydrating solution. Do not push the foam into the water. Let the floral foam sit on top of the water and hydrate. It is hydrated when it is dark green and floating at or near the surface of the water.

Place the floral foam in the container with about an inch of floral foam above the edge of the container. The extra inch helps you create a draping affect with flowers and greenery that hides stems and the top of the container. Add more floral foam by soaking another piece and cutting off sections with a knife. Create a tight fit with the floral foam, so the flower arrangement does not move within the container.

Arrange the flowers by adding the greenery first. Cut the stems to the appropriate length and push the stems into the floral foam. If the arrangement is going to be seen from one side, put tall greenery in the back of the arrangement, making a fan shape, and smaller greenery in the front. Use the greenery to give your arrangement its overall shape.

Add tall flowers first with the tallest flower making a peak at the required height. Add other flowers next to it cut slightly shorter to create the fan shape. Add smaller flowers and some large flowers to balance the arrangement and create full natural look. Don't crowd the flowers, especially if the arrangement is going to be seen from a distance.


If using a vase, the correct height for the tallest flowers in the vase is one and one-half times the height of the vase. For example, if the vase in 12 inches tall, the arrangement should be no taller than 18 inches taller than the vase.

If making more than one arrangement that is supposed to match, build all the arrangements at the same time so they can be observed next to each other, and the height and flower count is the same.

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