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How to Build Your Own Inexpensive Trellis

By Tanya Khan ; Updated September 21, 2017

It is possible to construct an inexpensive homemade trellis using twigs collected from your backyard and local field. This not only helps recycle old twigs, but your new, low-budget gardening structure will lift climbing vines off the ground and free up yard space. A twig trellis looks natural and rustic, perfect for the garden. Construct a diamond-patterned trellis using twigs and inexpensive materials to add charm to your yard or garden spot.

Separate the twigs into bundles according to their length. Also, cut 6-inch lengths of twine (to form a bundle), which you will use to assemble the trellis. Cut a 5-inch-long spacing twig, and a 3-foot-long twig that you will use as a height guide.

Insert a 5-foot-tall support twig in the ground to demarcate a corner of your trellis. Push it 8 to 10 inches deep. Insert an identical support twig on the other corner. Measure the distance between both the corner support twigs and push a third identical support twig in the center.

Place the spacing twig horizontally in front of the support twig in the center. Push a twig diagonally at each corner of this spacing guide at an angle of 60 degrees, ensuring each goes 3 inches deep in the ground. Keep both diagonal twigs parallel. Insert two diagonal sticks at the base of the first ones but in the opposite direction, ensuring they cross the support stick from the front.

Push three to four more diagonal twigs in the ground, in the direction of the first twigs, and space them 5 inches apart. Push the same number of diagonal twigs in the ground, but in the other direction. Weave intersecting twigs over one another. Bind intersecting twigs near the top, bottom and center by knotting them with the lengths of cut wire.

Continue inserting diagonal twigs in the ground until you reach the ends of the trellis. Secure the end twigs and corner supports with twine. Stand the 3-foot height reference twig on the ground next to the trellis. Use handheld pruners to trim the tops of the trellis twigs so they are equally tall.


Things You Will Need

  • 1/2-inch-wide, 4-foot-tall twigs
  • Lightweight wire
  • Scissors
  • 3 support twigs, 5 feet tall
  • Hand pruners


  • Use 60 4-foot long twigs to construct a 3-foot tall trellis that is 10 feet long.

About the Author


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