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How to Grow Olive Trees in Pots

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Although most people associate olive trees with far off Mediterranean lands or the coasts of California, it is possible to grow olives in pots. Olive trees will grow well in a container, and there area many dwarf varieties available for decoration purposes if you are not interested in eating the fruit. Olive trees can be purchased from a garden center, or planted from seed, then placed in to a container for further growth.

Purchase olive trees from a garden center. Examine the leaves closely for the right color, which is a grayish green. Do not purchase if the leaves look scorched. Buy your plant during the spring so that the plant is in its active period before planting. Olives usually come in 4-inch pots or 1-gallon pots, depending on their size.

Choose a pot that has drainage holes on the bottom to prevent root rot in the plant. According to Oregon Olive Trees, olives require a well-draining area to grow.

Add crushed stone along the bottom of the pot to aid in drainage.

Fill the container so that there is 1 inch of space between the lip of the container and the soil, dig a hole the size of the olive tree's original container, and transplant it.

Place the olive tree in an area that receives at least 10 hours of sunlight a day, recommends Oregon Olive Trees.

Bring olive plants indoors during the winter. Olive trees can not stand temperatures below 15 degrees F.

Prune back branches of the tree using a sharp pair of pruning shears if the plant becomes too large. Cut back to just above a leaf joint to encourage new growth and shape the plant.

Fertilize every three to four weeks during the summer using a complete water-soluble fertilizer.

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