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Homemade Tree Root Stimulator

By Alicia Bodine ; Updated September 21, 2017
Strengthen your tree's roots by making your own root stimulator.
roots image by cassiusjb from Fotolia.com

Root stimulators are simply fertilizers high in phosphorus. They are used when a tree is first planted and up to a year after that to help the tree's roots grow healthy and strong. A root stimulator also is handy if you need to transplant your tree. If you don't want to use a chemical root stimulator, make your own at home.

Remove the leaves from the willow twigs. Cut the twigs into pieces that average 2 to 3 inches long, using scissors.

Boil 1/2 gallon of water in a large pot and remove it from the heat.

Swirl the willow twigs in the boiling water for a few minutes. Wait 12 hours so that the willow twigs have time to turn the water into a willow tea.

Remove the twigs and pour the willow water into a watering can.

Water the soil where you are going to plant the roots, or where you have already planted the roots.


Things You Will Need

  • 2 cups of willow twigs
  • Scissors
  • Large pot
  • 1/2 gallon water
  • Watering can


  • Use your homemade root stimulator once per month for a period of one year. Your tree's roots should be established by then.

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