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Which Flowers Bloom Year Round?

hibiscus butterfly image by Kurt Anderson from

Gardeners creating a flower garden should consider the addition of plants that bloom year-round for a constant display of colors. They will give the extra bonus of blooming while other plants in the garden have stopped the blooming process or are in transition. Gardeners have a wealth of choices in year-round flowering plants. Whether desiring a shrub, tree, annuals or perennials, there is plant to suit your gardening requirements.


Hibiscus image by Aaron Danver from

Hibiscus, a tropical shrub, grows quite well planted outdoor in the subtropical and tropical areas of the United States. Gardeners living in cooler regions where frosts and freezes are annual events should grow hibiscus in containers. The many cultivars of hibiscus produce a year-round display of large, tropical flowers in colors of pink, white, purple, red, orange and yellow. Depending on the variety, flowers are either single or double.

Plants grow up to 10 feet tall with a spread of up to 6 feet and perform best in full sun to partial sun conditions. Once established, hibiscus has medium watering requirements with a once per week watering sufficient. Hibiscus attracts butterflies making it a good addition to butterfly gardens. The plant also does well planted inside containers, and making a good specimen plant and hedge.

Bush Daisy (Gamolepis)

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Bush daisy is a perennial flowering plant reaching a mature height of up to 2 to 4 feet with the same spread. Plants produce massive displays of bright yellow, daisy-like flowers year-round. Snipping off the old blooms will promote new blooms.

Plants prefer growing in full sun and have medium water requirements, though will benefit with regular watering in hot, dry environments for best growth and blooms. Bush daisy attracts butterflies, making it a good addition to a butterfly garden. The compact plants do well inside containers or for borders.

Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae)

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The tropical bird of paradise grows well outdoors in the tropical and subtropical areas of the United States. Frost sensitive, cooler regions should grow bird of paradise inside containers. Plants can reach 5 feet tall at maturity with the same spread and produce orange and blue flowers year-round looking like a bird's head.

Bird of paradise prefers growing in full sun to partial sun conditions and is relatively drought tolerant once established. Plants will tolerate brief periods of saturations. Plants work well as specimen plants within the garden or will do quite well inside of containers.

Periwinkle (Cartharanthus Roseus)

pervenche image by Unclesam from

Periwinkle is a perennial plant in warm regions of the United States producing white, pink or purple flowers year-round. It has a medium growth rate and can reach a mature height of 1 to 2 feet with the same spreading habit.

Plants grow best in full sun to partial sun conditions and have medium water requirement. Too much water causes root rot and other diseases, though regular watering during hot and dry weather will benefit the plant. Periwinkle grows well inside hanging baskets, containers, within natural gardens, or used as groundcover or borders.

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