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Home Remedy for Killing Moss in Lawns

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Moss can be yellowish-green, or greenish-brown in color. It grows on lawns, rocks and even trees where the conditions remain moist and free of the sun. If you notice moss growing on your lawn, you don't have to put up with it. There is a simple home remedy that will get rid of the moss for you. You may then want to work on getting some more sun to the area where you found the moss so that the moss doesn't grow back.

Pour your warm water into your bucket.

Add your baking soda and stir with a wooden spoon until it has been completely dissolved.

Pour this solution in a garden sprayer.

Spray the moss with your homemade moss killer. Be liberal with your spray, and completely soak the area.

Let the mixture dry and it will soon kill the moss.

Home Remedy For Killing Moss In Lawns

Moss is a mass of very small plants called bryophytes that can become troublesome in lawns, according to the Washington Toxics Coalition. Moss is seen to be a symptom of weak and run-down grass. It also grows where there is not enough drainage and too much shade. Thoroughly spray the mixture over the moss and let it dry. The baking soda keeps the moss from developing further or returning after it dries up. dish soap in a gallon of water and spray the moss. Another remedy is to dissolve three oz. Spray the mixture on the moss. Rake out all the existing moss. Thin out trees over the lawn to allow more sunlight to reach the grass. Check the pH of the soil because a pH of 5.5 or below will not allow the grass to fight weeds and moss. If the pH is too low, use lime to bring raise it and fertilize the lawn with a slow-release fertilizer with NPK of 3-2-1.


Add mulch to the area where you had the problem with the moss to keep it from coming back.


Trim back tree branches to allow more sun to reach the area where you had the moss.

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