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Landscape Plants for Texas

By Jay Golberg ; Updated September 21, 2017
Drought-tolerant plants are ideal for Texas gardens.

Texas has a wide variety of soils as well as growing conditions. Some parts of the state are desert-like with only a few inches of rainfall each year, and other parts are tropical with over 5 feet of annual rainfall. However, there are some landscaping plants that grow well in all parts of the state if given proper care.

Mexican Bush Sage

The Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha) is an upright sage that is a perennial in the southern half of Texas and an annual everywhere else. It is fast-growing and has an upright growth habit so it can be planted in a narrow space. The Mexican Bush Sage grows to 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide and has narrow, silvery leaves. It produces spikes of lavender or lavender and white flowers in the fall. The blooms are attractive to hummingbirds and make a long-lasting cut flowers.

Chinese Pistache

The Chinese Pistache (Pistacia chinensis) is a medium-sized tree that produces intense fall leaf colors of yellow, red and orange. The Chinese Pistache has a medium growth rate and is tolerant of all soils and all weather conditions in Texas. It is also very pest and disease resistant and is used extensively in commercial as well as residential landscaping.

Belinda's Dream Rose

The Belinda's Dream Rose bush is such a popular perennial landscaping shrub in Texas that it may be hard to find in some areas. It produces fully double fragrant blooms continuously during the growing season. The Belinda's Dream Rose is very disease tolerant and is adaptable to all areas of the state. It will need supplemental water in some exceptionally dry areas of West Texas.

Large-Flowered Purslane

Large-Flowered Purslane (Portulaca x Yubi) is a heat-loving plant that grows and blooms in the hottest conditions and thrives even in sandy soil. It survives the winter in the far southern portions of the state, otherwise it is considered an annual. It is available in a variety of bloom colors such as red, yellow, orange and pink. It is a good choice for a ground cover and looks nice in containers and hanging baskets. Large-Flowered Purslane grows to 12 inches tall and up to 36 inches wide.


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