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Native Shrubs & Bushes Found in Greece

Greece image by Miodrag Trajkovic from

From the legendary Mount Olympus to the green inland plains and the picturesque Mediterranean coastline, Greece is a breathtaking country that exhibits an impressive range of environments. Greece is home to a number of unique plant species that are well suited to the Mediterranean climate, including many native shrubs and bushes.

Strawberry Tree

A member of the heath family, strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) is an evergreen shrub or small tree with gray-brown bark that flakes back to reveal the reddish brown bark underneath. Strawberry tree is native to Greece, Turkey and Lebanon. Containing a high salt tolerance, strawberry tree is an excellent choice for gardens in coastal Mediterranean climates. The plant is a late bloomer, producing flowers and globular orange red fruits in autumn. The fruits of the plant are edible but tasteless. The shrub prefers full sunlight, with partial shade in hotter regions. Soil should be well drained, and the shrub has a tolerance of acidic and alkaline pH levels.

Greek Oregano

Greek oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a small semiwoody shrub that produces the famous flavorful leaves that are used in cooking throughout the world. Native to Greece and Turkey, Greek oregano boasts fragrant oval leaves and tiny flowers that blossom in the summer. Greek oregano should always be grown in full sunlight to get the best-tasting leaves possible. Like other oregano species, Greek oregano should be grown in well-drained, neutral or slightly alkaline soils.

Small-flowered Tamarisk

Small-flowered tamarisk (Tamarix parviflora), also called early tamarisk, is a deciduous shrub native to Greece and other regions in Southeast Europe. The plant boasts small green leaves with wiry branches. It produces clusters of tiny pink and white flowers, from which the plant gains its common name. Small-flowered tamarisk thrives in poor, dry soils, preferring infertile soils over fertile ones. The shrub should be grown in full sunlight.

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