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How to Remove the Blade on a Toro Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

The design of the Toro zero-turn lawn mower is user-friendly. This is especially evident when you need to replace or repair the lawn mower blade. You'll have to remove the deck to remove the blade on this model. No tools are required to disconnect the mower deck from the mower on the Toro. Once you remove the deck, the blades are fully accessible for quick removal.

Park the Toro mower on a level surface and disengage the blade control switch. Lower the mower deck to the lowest position.

Move the motion control levers outward to the parking position and shut off the engine. Remove the key from the ignition and wait for all moving parts to stop before attempting to remove the blades.

Step to the front of the mower and locate the front mower deck support rod. Hold the front of the deck with one hand and remove the cotter pin and retaining pin from the support rod. Pull both pins out with your fingers. Lower the deck to the ground.

Step to the rear of the mower deck and lift the rear of the deck off the rear support rod and gently lower the deck to the ground. Slide the mower deck toward the rear of the mower to provide slack in the drive belt. Roll the drive belt off the pulley and pull the deck out from under the mower.

Flip the deck over so that the blades are facing you. Put on a pair of thick leather work gloves or wrap one end of the blade you are removing with a rag.

Grab end of the blade with one hand and remove the bolt securing the blade to the Toro mower deck with a socket wrench. Turn the retaining bolt counterclockwise with the socket wrench to remove the bolt.

Pull off the curve washer and the rectangular blade stiffener from the middle of the mower blade. Pull the blade away from the mower deck.

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