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Trees That Have Red Fruit

The trees that have the ability to produce red fruit in the United States include the apple tree, cherry tree and a few others that you might not think of off the top of your head. Red, with all of its shades, has excellent representation among apples alone, with a large number of cultivated trees producing the tasty fruit with red skin. Red fruits develop as quickly as the cherries, which are often ripe by early summer, or as slowly as the apples that you pick in the fall.


Apples would be the first thought when red fruit is the subject for the majority of Americans. The Red Delicious apple tree, renowned for a bright red fruit, is the species that owns the title as the apple tree grown by more people than any other, according to Nature Hills Nursery in Omaha, Nebraska. Apple trees such as the Atlas, Akana, Parkland, Paula Red, Chesapeake, Carolina Red June and Bancroft have solid red fruit. Other apple trees like the St. Johnsbury and the St. Lawrence types have apples that combine yellow and red. The Gala has red “stripes” on its yellow skin. The famous McIntosh apple tree produces a fruit with a mix of light green and red.


The Bing cherry tree has bright red cherries that are of the sweet variety. You can grab one right off the branch and pop it into your mouth. The Early Richmond cherry, on the other hand, is a sour cherry, excellent for using in pies. The tree thrives in areas that receive plenty of sunshine and where the soil drains well. The Montmorency cherry, a sour variety, is a tree that can take on a tough northern winter and survive. Its cherries ripen by the first weeks of July, sometimes in time for a Fourth of July cherry pie. The Van cherry tree develops fruit somewhat smaller than that of the Bing variety. Other cherry trees with red fruit include types like the Sweetheart, Stella, Rainier and Utah Giant.


A hybrid combination of a plum and apricot called Flavor King Pluot has a red-purple skin. Known for having a sweet flesh, the fruit grows on a small tree. The persimmon that grows on the Fuyu-Jiro persimmon tree garnered the name “apple persimmon” for its reddish color. The tree makes an excellent choice as a landscaping tree in addition to producing the red fruit. Some nectarines, such as the Garden Delight, have a yellow exterior that takes on a reddish hue as it ripens in August in places such as California. The tree is only between 4 and 6 feet high. Some apricots will have partly red skins on the side facing the sun, like the Goldstike apricot; its tree develops a large amount of flowers in the spring.

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