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Flowers That Go With Stargazer Lilies

The Stargazer lily is an Oriental hybrid lily. It offers everything a gardener could ask for from a flower: it is a hardy perennial, very easy to grow and sweetly fragrant. Hybridized by Dr. Leslie Woodriff in 1974, the Stargazer will grow to 30 inches in height and, unlike some lilies, does not require staking. The flowers of the Stargazer are a striking scarlet, edged in white. Stargazer lilies will bloom in mid-to late summer.


One of the most popular companion plants for the Stargazer lily is the rose. The variety of colors and shapes of the rose blooms can complement or contrast with the crimson-colored Stargazer for a striking display in the garden. For beautiful and fragrant cut flower bouquets, plant hot pink (try the ‘Eliza’ or ‘Pavarotti’ variety), deep red or white roses as companions to your Stargazer lily.


The dahlia is a tender perennial flowering plant that blooms in just about every color, with the exception of blue. Grown from bulbs, the flowers come in a variety of sizes from petite to very large. The dahlia, like the Stargazer lily, thrives in full sun and needs a monthly application of a 4-8-4 organic fertilizer. Consider the ‘Pink Attraction’ or ‘Cha Cha’ varieties as companions for your Stargazer lily.


Gladiolus is an old-fashioned, romantic flower that makes a stunning addition to a cut flower arrangement. ‘Gladiolus Cheops’ is a variety to consider, as the coloring is the opposite of the Stargazer, pink on the edges and white in the middle. “That’s Love’ is another variety that will complement the Stargazer, with light pink flowers that grow to a darker pink toward the middle. Gladiolus requires much the same care as the Stargazer.

Grow Stargazer Lilies In A Greenhouse

Keep the greenhouse temperature just above freezing in winter, and shade and ventilate the greenhouse in summer to prevent it from being too hot. Stargazer lilies are not tropical plants and do not require year-round warmth or high levels of humidity. If you wish to force the lilies to bloom early, keep the greenhouse's temperature at 45 degrees Fahrenheit in winter. Place them at a depth three times the bulbs' height in a well-draining, soil-based potting mix.

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