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Garden Against the House Ideas

By S.F. Heron ; Updated September 21, 2017

Gardens frame a home, defining the very best features of the structure with accenting flowers, shrubs and trees. Creating a garden against the house draws attention to the home, capturing the perfect blend between the sharp lines of the home and the softening features of the landscape. Homeowners have a host of options in designing gardens against the house.

Foundation Planting

Landscapers and builders commonly place shrubs and flowers against the house to hide the unsightly cement blocks of a foundation. This practice used to entail completely filling the front of the home with a garden of hedge-like shrubs to block the lower portion of the home. Current trends show homeowners and landscapers removing these traditional shrubs. This opens the space up to accent the front of the home in greenery. Typical new foundation plants frame the home, focusing attention on opening up the space. Plants frame windows, bays and porches rather than blocking these features from view.


Container gardens typically accent an outdoor living space near seating arrangements and tables. Container gardens can also be used against the front of a home to add interest to a plain garden bed. This quick fix allows the homeowner to make instant visual interest with a splash of color. Random containers placed in a garden draw the eye to the space, accenting the entryway, pillars or porch of a home. Containers also serve to add height to a low lying foundation garden.

Perennial Flowers

Perennials offer the gardener a wide array of choices for the home landscape. Perennials bloom at varying times during the summer growing season so these plants can provide a continual floral display. Perennials appear every year, larger and more beautiful than the year before as the plant matures. Choosing to place a perennial garden against the home creates an eye-pleasing display to accent the home.

Raised Garden Beds

Gardens against the house look beautiful when framed with border materials such as landscaping timbers, brick or pavers. Designers choose products that match the color scheme of the home. Raised garden beds serve to increase the height of the landscaping in the front of the home. This also improves the appearance of the front of the home, defining the garden space and focusing attention on the home entryway. Plants in a raised garden should complement the home exterior rather than drawing too much attention away from the unique features of the home.