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Flower or Plants That Like a Lot of Sun

By April Sanders ; Updated September 21, 2017

Flowers and plants that thrive in the sun are called "full sun" plants. This means that they need a full day of sun exposure in order to bloom or grow well. Some plants that like a lot of sun like dry conditions also, while others need moist soil in addition to the sunlight. Full sun plants are perfect for those parts of your landscape that never get any shade.

Vines and Climbers

There are many vines and climbing plants that thrive in full sunlight. Such plants are perfect for growing on top of a hot arbor or along a porch roof. The Trumpet Vine is a popular and hardy plant that will grow in just about any soil, as long as it gets at least six hours of sunlight per day. In the summer, the vine boasts bright orange, trumpet-shaped flowers. There are many varieties of grape vines, and all thrive in full sunlight. The climbing hydrangea, which features large, showy white flowers in the summer, also does well if exposed to a lot of sun.


Groundcovers are often used in the place of grass, especially in hot, dry areas of the garden where it is impractical or too expensive to water frequently. The common bearberry is a groundcover that grows only about an inch high and thrives in hot, sunny conditions. In the fall, it features beautiful bronze foliage. Sedum plants are succulent evergreens that creep along the ground and can take root wherever the stems come in contact with the soil. There are many types of sedum plants, and all thrive in full sun.

Bushes and Shrubs

Rose bushes are probably the most popular full-sun flower, although some varieties do enjoy partial shade. The firethorn bush, which features bright orange berries, thrives in full sunlight. Flowering quince is a bush that also grows well in full sun and has attractive spring blooms, but also has thorns. Tropical hibiscus shrubs are a beautiful and popular addition to most full-sun gardens in the southern part of the United States.


Trees that like a lot of sun are less common than shrubs. The black alder is a tree that enjoys sun, but it also needs moist soil. The western catalpa, however, thrives in hot, dry conditions. Red cedars and white fir trees also do well in full sun.