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Flower Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards in the Springtime

By Sharon Sweeny ; Updated September 21, 2017

The early spring flower garden is filled with flowers that don't bloom at other times of the year. It is easy to maintain because nearly all spring-flowering plants are perennials, bulbs or flowering shrubs and trees. This means that you plant them once and every spring they do their jobs and bloom right on schedule. The front yard is an excellent spot for landscaping with spring-flowering plant material. The beauty and intensely sweet fragrances of spring flowering plants make your front yard look dressed up for the season.

Plant Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Many shrubs and bushes bloom in spring. Two of the most popular are azaleas and rhododendrons. Their delicate, rose-like flowers create a riot of color in the spring garden. Varieties are available with shades of white, yellow, orange, pink or red blossoms. These flowering shrubs make an excellent backdrop for shorter spring-blooming plants.

Create a Flowering Bulb Garden

Plant spring flowering bulbs in your front yard. Choose a selection of different types of bulbs and several different varieties of each type. This will give you a long season of bloom from very early spring through late spring.

Feature a Flowering Tree

Plant a flowering cherry, almond or crab apple tree. These spring-blooming trees produce copious amounts of delicate, fragrant blossoms in the spring landscape. Plant your flowering tree as a lawn specimen in your front yard for the biggest impact.


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