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Top Grass Seed Companies

The top grass seed companies produce and distribute fresh seeds with a high germination rate. The label on seed packages lists the percentage of pure seed, the germination rate and the date the seeds were tested for germination. Pure seed refers to the desired variety or varieties of seeds, such as Bermuda grass or a shade mixture. Seed mixtures should contain a low percentage of inert matter (filler) and undesirable seeds. Crop seeds used to grow forage grass, like timothy grass or clover, are considered weeds in turf grass. Weed seeds are any other seeds not listed with pure seeds or crop seeds. Noxious weeds refer to seeds of plants that are legally undesirable.

Ampac Seed Co.

Ampac Seed Co. distributes turf and pasture seeds worldwide. They sell single varieties and mixtures of seeds formulated for different climates and regions. Turf Perfect seed is a disease-resistant strain developed for residential, commercial and sports areas. Pasture Perfect forage seed provides high feed value and withstands grazing. Green Friendly grass seed produces a drought-tolerant grass that holds its green color longer and greens up faster than regular turf grass during periods of low rainfall or irrigation.

Ampac Seed Co. 32727 Hwy. 99E PO Box 318 Tangent, OR 97389 (541) 928-1651

Pennington Seed Inc.

One of the largest producers and distributors of lawn care products in the world is Pennington Seed Co. They sell an assortment of single variety and blended seeds for home, business and sports uses. The seeds in the Penkote line are sealed in a coat of growth stimulant, and fungicide to prevent diseases. The Pro Turf line of seed produces a tough, traffic resistant turf for athletic fields and golf courses. The organic mulch granules in Seed and Mulch retain moisture and speed up germination. Warm and cool season forage grass seeds are developed for grazing tolerance and higher yields. A special blend of grass seed is for erosion control on slopes and a native grass mixture is for reclamation areas.

Pennington Seed Inc. P.O. Box 290 Madison, GA 30650 (800) 285-7333

The Scotts Co.

The Scotts Co. sells high-quality single variety and blends of grass seeds for different types of residential lawns. Turf Builder with Water Smart Technology is coated with a material that absorbs and releases water to keep the seed from drying out and to promote faster germination. E-Z Seed also uses coated seeds with the addition of continual-release fertilizer for areas with poor soil, dry or shady areas, and other difficult areas. The absorbent coating turns light brown when it is time to water the seeds.

Scotts Help Center 14111 Scottslawn Road Marysville, OH 43041 (888) 270-3714

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