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Types of Grass in Australia

By Michelle Wishhart ; Updated September 21, 2017
Australia boasts great plant diversity.
Australia map image by Catabu from Fotolia.com

The enormous country of Australia contains numerous landscapes, from the hot arid deserts of the Australian outback to the temperate coastal zones of Victoria and New South Whales, and the luscious, humid tropical rain forests of the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland. The country has a vibrant selection of native flora, and there are a number of attractive grasses native to different regions that can be used in home landscaping.


Redgrass (Bothriochloa macra) is a perennial grass with slightly reddish leaves that can be found throughout coastal regions in southern Australia. Commonly used in lawns, redgrass is highly heat and drought tolerant, though the plant is only slightly tolerant of frosts. The low-growing plant prefers heavy clays and loams, and soils with a slight acidity are ideal. The plant will readily take to dry, cracked soils, providing a touch of necessary green to a parched landscape.

Kangaroo Grass

One of the most common native grasses in Australia, kangaroo grass is a perennial grass that has green grass blades complimented by darker flowerheads. An excellent choice for gardeners looking for a very low maintenance and hardy grass, kangaroo grass is both extremely drought and heat tolerant. Kangaroo grass will grow in full sun in sandy or heavy clay soils, as well as in slightly acidic soils.

Chinese Fountain Grass

Chinese fountain grass (Pennisetum) is a perennial ornamental grass native to China and western Australia. Chinese fountain grass, which reaches a height and width of 2 to 4 feet, produces feathery yellow plumes during the summer, which contrast beautifully with the grass's green blades. Chinese fountain grass should be grown in full sun with moist soil, although the grass will tolerate partial shade.


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