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How to Make Flower Bulb Cages

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Tulips and other flowering bulbs are a tasty treat for rodents and squirrels. These animals can quickly decimate a flower bed, and you may not even be aware of it for several months if it is during the bulbs' dormant season. Flower bulb cages are made of metal mesh that animals can not chew through, but the mesh has opening large enough for roots and leaves to grow through with no issues. Make your own flower bulb cages and ensure your bulbs are protected from pests.

Cut out a 12-inch by 36-inch rectangle of chicken wire with a pair of metal snips. Use chicken wire with 1/2-inch openings so they are too small for pests to access but large enough for leaves and stems to penetrate.

Mark the wire at the 12-inch interval, the 18-inch interval and the 30-inch interval. Bend the chicken wire at each of these points to form the box. Wire the ends together where they meet to close the box.

Cut out two 12-by-6-inch pieces from the chicken wire for the ends of the box. Attach one of these pieces to one end of the box with lengths of wire. Attach only one side of the second end piece to the other end of the box so you can open it to place the bulbs.

Slide the bulbs into the open end of the box then close the end piece, wiring it closed. Plant the entire bulb cage at the recommended depth for the type of bulb you are planting.


Alter the size of the cage as needed to make it suitable for your planting bed and design.

Daffodil bulbs rarely require caging, as most animals will not eat them.


Wear gloves when cutting the chicken wire; the cut ends of wire can be sharp.

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