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How to Stop Deer From Eating Spruce Trees

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Deer love to munch on the leaves of any trees that they can find. If you have spruce trees in your back yard, they are susceptible to becoming a deer's dinner. This can leave your yard looking a little shabby, so you will want to protect your spruce trees from the deer. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can choose one of these methods, or combine a few for maximum protection.

Make the leaves of your spruce trees taste horrible to the deer by spraying them with a hot pepper sauce. The only thing you need to remember about this method is that you have to keep reapplying the sauce after each time it rains.

Tie dryer sheets from the limbs of your spruce trees. Deer won't like the smell, and they will stay away from the trees.

Place a fence around your spruce trees. In fact, you may just want to go ahead and fence in your entire property. Either way, the fence must be over eight feet tall. Deer can jump any fence that is lower than eight feet.

Allow hunters to hunt on your property during hunting season. You should only allow this if the hunter plans on eating the deer meat. This will get rid of the deer that could damage your spruce tree.

Spruce Trees Used For?

The spruce tree, part of the Picea genus, is a classic evergreen conifer option for your landscape. But the wood from the trees also serves as an important raw material for building supplies and in the paper industry. Some varieties of spruce offer greater strength, making them useful for different building purposes. It's often used in furniture, trim, paneling and doors. Because spruce trees are known for their straight trunks and horizontal branches, they make beautiful additions to the landscape. The bird's nest spruce is a dwarf version that works in planting bed borders. Some spruce trees offer a rich green color. Or, you can go with a bluish tone when you choose a Colorado blue spruce. You can get lots of variety, whether you choose a single spruce as a focal point or add several spruce trees throughout your property. Windbreaks don't just slow down the wind to make your property less breezy. Evergreen trees make the best windbreaks since they keep their foliage year-round. Many spruce varieties, including the Norway, white and Colorado, offer a dense addition to the windbreak. White spruce excels at needle retention compared to other spruce varieties.


You can also purchase chemical deer repellents that you can use to keep the deer away from your spruce trees.

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