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How to Keep Squirrels Out of Pear Trees

By Alicia Bodine ; Updated September 21, 2017
Squirrels will climb pear trees to eat their fruit.
squirrel image by Tanya McConnell from Fotolia.com

Squirrels don't just destroy ground crops and flowers. They also love to climb trees. If you own a pear tree, you need to protect if from the squirrels. Otherwise, you won't have any pears to enjoy when picking time rolls around. Getting rid of squirrels might seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. All you need is to be armed with a little bit of information.

Remove any bird feeders that you might have hung from your pear tree. Squirrels are attracted to bird feeders because they, too, enjoy eating bird seed. Once the squirrels notice there are also pears on the tree, they will eat them, too.

Nail a few ears of corn to nearby trees. This will distract them from your pear tree and give them the food they are seeking.

Use metal sheeting to wrap the pear tree. This will not only prevent the squirrels from getting to your pears, but it will also stop them from stripping the bark of the pear tree.

Spray coyote urine up the base of the pear tree. Coyotes are natural predators of the squirrel. Squirrels will smell the urine and believe that a coyote is nearby. This will keep them away from your pear trees. Purchase coyote urine online or at a hunting shop.

Use a chemical repellent, such as Thiram, as a last resort. Spray it near the base of the tree--not near the fruit. This will keep the squirrels away from your pear trees.


Things You Will Need

  • Ear of corn
  • Nail
  • Metal sheeting
  • Coyote urine
  • Chemical repellent


  • Bloodmeal has also been known to repel squirrels.


  • Make sure your branches are not close to another tree. Squirrels can skip from branch to branch. You might need to trim some of your branches back.

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