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How to Adjust the Deck on a Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower

By Kenneth Crawford ; Updated September 21, 2017

One way to ensure a smooth, level cut on your lawn is to periodically check the levelness of the deck. When adjusting the Troy-Bilt lawn mower deck, you will be raising or lowering the front and left sides of the deck only. This makes the leveling process more accurate and less time consuming.

Park the Troy-Bilt mower on a level surface. Place the deck leveler lever in the highest position. Go under the tractor and rotate the blade so it is pointing front to back.

Measure the distance from the blade tip to the ground on both ends of the blade. Ideally the front should be 1/4 to 3/8 inch lower than the rear.

Go to the front of the lawn mower and find the front deck hangar rod, if you need to adjust the front to rear level. The deck hangar has two rods pointing toward the front with two retaining nuts on each rod. Loosen the top retaining nut on each rod a couple of turns with a wrench.

Turn the inner retaining nuts clockwise with the wrench to raise the front of the deck. If you need to lower the front of the deck, turn the inner retaining nuts counterclockwise. Tighten the outer retaining nuts against the inner retaining nuts when you finish leveling the front to rear portion of the deck.

Rotate the blade so it points from one side of the lawn mower to the other side. Measure ends of the blade tip to the ground with the tape measure. Go to the other side of the lawn mower and measure the opposite end of the same blade to the ground. The measurement should be the same.

Go to the left side of the mower and find the side-to-side adjustment screw, if you need to level the sides of the deck. The adjustment screw will be on the rear of the deck in front of the left rear tire.

Use a wrench to loosen the hex head screw that secures the leveling gear between the screw and the deck. Turn the leveling gear clockwise to raise the left side or counterclockwise to lower the left side. Tighten the hex head screw against the leveling gear.


Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Wrench set

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