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How to Add Oil to a Murray Lawn Mower

Murray uses the Briggs and Stratton engine on both its riding mowers and push mowers. Adding oil depends on which type of lawn mower you own. The push mowers have an oil fill toward the lower part of the engine. The fill area is normally close to the deck and in the vicinity of the air cleaner and carburetor housing. Riding mowers house the oil fill toward the upper part of the engine.

Riding Mowers

Open the hood on your Murray mower, and locate the oil fill neck. Wipe around the area with a clean cloth to prevent small bits of dirt and grime from getting inside the fill neck.

Turn the oil fill cap counterclockwise and pull the cap off the oil fill neck.

Wipe the dipstick, which attaches to the bottom of the cap, clean with a rag. Put the oil cap back on the fill neck and twist clockwise. Remove the cap again to check the oil level on the dipstick.

Pour SAE 30 motor oil into the fill neck as necessary, and recheck the oil level with the dipstick.

Place the oil cap and dipstick into the fill neck, and twist clockwise when the oil is at the full mark.

Push Mowers

Find the small oil fill cap toward the side of the engine. The cap has two protruding prongs. Wipe around the oil cap area with a clean cloth.

Slide the neck of a screwdriver between the prongs on the cap, and twist the cap counterclockwise to remove the cap from the oil fill hole.

Wipe the small dipstick that attaches to the bottom of the cap with a rag, and reinsert the dipstick and cap into the oil fill hole. Twist the cap secure, and then untwist and remove the cap. Check the oil level on the dipstick.

Place a funnel into the oil fill hole, and pour SAE 30 motor oil into the oil fill as necessary. Recheck the oil level with the dipstick.

Put the dipstick and cap back on the oil fill, and twist the cap clockwise to secure the cap to the engine.


Pour oil in small amounts when filling, and check the level. Do not overfill.

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