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How to Adjust Deck Height on a Yardman Riding Mower

The Yardman riding mower has only one linkage that adjusts the mower deck. Adjusting the mower deck periodically helps ensure that you obtain a level and smooth cut across your lawn. The Yardman is built so that only the left side of the deck adjusts up or down to level the deck, which eliminates the need to move around your lawn tractor several times to adjust just one portion of the deck.

Park the Yardman riding mower on level ground. Engage the brake, and pull out the ignition key.

Lower the deck to the highest cutting height with the lift lever.

Reach under the deck, and turn the blades so that they point to the sides of the mower. Move the blades on both sides of the deck.

Measure from the ground to the tip of the blade with a tape measure on each side of the lawn tractor. The measurement should be within 1/8 inch of each other.

Move to the left side of the deck, and locate the adjustable lift link, which is on a bracket toward the front of the mower deck and has an adjustable nut under a bracket flange.

Turn the adjusting nut clockwise to raise the deck on the left side with a wrench, or counterclockwise to lower the left side of the deck. Remeasure both sides and continue making adjustments as necessary.

Measure A Riding Mower Deck

Riding mowers have a variety of deck sizes and shapes. Some are square, while others are round, and still others are oblong. The deck is typically the widest part of the riding mower, and indicates how wide a cut the machine can make. Always measure the deck of any riding mower you’re considering buying. Note the distance on your tape measure. Chock the rear wheels of the mower, and raise the front of the mower about 6 inches off the ground with a floor jack if your mower’s deck is not accessible from the topside, or if the pulleys prevent a straight path for your tape measure.

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