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How to Eliminate Flies From Indoor Jasmine Plants

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Flies are a nuisance, especially indoors. If you have flies infesting your jasmine plants, you most likely have fungus flies. However, other kinds of flies, including the common housefly and fruit fly, may be the culprits. Whatever kind of flies you have infesting your beautiful and fragrant jasmines, you have several methods from which to choose to control, prevent and eliminate them. If you try one method without success, try another.

Stop overwatering your jasmine plants, if applicable. The soil should be moist, not soggy. In addition, dump out any excess water that drains into the container under your plant. Standing water and soggy soil can attract flies, especially fungus flies.

Remove any rotting debris at the base of your plant. This may be a breeding ground for flies. Also, change out the soil. Take the plant outdoors and take it out of the pot. Gently shake off the soil and start over with fresh new potting soil.

Apply an insecticide that contains pyrethrins, israelensis or resmethrin every two to three days for about a month. This should eliminate the flies from your jasmine plants.

Place flytraps near the plants. Hanging sticky flytraps near your jasmine may help get rid of common houseflies. If you have fruit flies, create your own trap by filling a small cup with about a half a cup of beer or apple cider vinegar. Then, tightly place plastic wrap over the top of the cup and secure it with a rubber band. Slit a small hole in the plastic so the smell will lure in the flies. They will have a difficult time getting out and will die in the cup.

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