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How to Plant Kennebec Potato Seeds

By Suzie Faloon ; Updated September 21, 2017
Much like your little brother, Kennebec potatoes have a thin skin.

Kennebec potatoes have a high-quality consistency perfect for mashed, baked and french-fried potatoes The large, tasty potatoes have a thin, light-tan skin and a nice texture when made into hash browns, home fries, scalloped side dishes or a favorite summertime salad. You can buy and plant Kennebec potato seeds in your home garden, or you can cut and plant your own seed if you have Kennebec potatoes that have wintered successfully.

Order or purchase Kennebec potato seed in time to plant it when the frost is out of the soil in your garden. You can cut your own seed by cutting a potato with a sharp knife. It is important to make sure that a potato seed has at least one eye in the skin.

Place fresh-cut potato seeds in a cardboard box cover and allow them to air out for two days. The air causes the cut area to dry, preventing rot.

Prepare the garden by digging an 18-inch-deep furrow in a straight row. Add a 3-inch-deep line of compost down the length of the furrow and cover it with the garden soil. Kennebec potatoes need deep soil to grow down into.

Potato eyes are the source of sprouts

Plant potato seeds, eyes facing upward, 3 inches deep and 12 to 18 inches apart along the row. Cover with soil. Additional potato rows should be dug 3 feet apart.

Water the planted row to thoroughly moisten the soil.


Things You Will Need

  • Sharp knife


  • Potatoes need a sunny location in the garden. If any potato grows up out of the ground, cover it with more soil right away to keep it from becoming sunburned.


  • Remove all rocks and stones from the garden rows to prevent disfigured potatoes.

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