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How to Plant a Pineapple Head

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The pineapple is an exotic fresh fruit from the bromeliad family. The textured golden skin and firm, pointed greenery can be fascinating to children and adults that are more familiar with the prepared chunks in cans. Enjoy the experience of a fresh pineapple and save the head or crown for planting. You can plant a pineapple head directly into a garden or plant pot. Pineapple plants need a temperature above 60 and plenty of sunshine or light to thrive.

Select a healthy pineapple with golden skin and vibrant greenery.

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Lay the pineapple on a cutting surface and slice into it horizontally with a large knife. Cut the fruit into several slices. The crown should be 1 to 2 inches thick.

Slice small pieces away from the fruit under the crown until flesh with small dots or circles becomes clearly visible. These dots or circles are the root buds. Cut a one inch area of the lower leaves away from the base of the crown. Set the pineapple crown in a dry place for the cuts to seal, or rotting will occur.

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Choose a clean 10 to 20-inch terracotta or clay pot. Place one or two pot or saucer shards over the drainage hole in the pot. Pour in a two inch high layer of small stones.

Mix two parts soil and one part perlite together with a trowel. Scoop the mixture into the pot.

Plant the pineapple crown in the soil. Water the soil thoroughly. Set the potted crown into a sunny window. The pineapple will take 2 to 3 years to blossom and produce fruit.


Keep the soil moist for your pineapple plant to grow and thrive. The pineapple plant can be placed out of doors during the months when the temperature rises about 60 degrees .


You must dry the pineapple crown before you plant it or the cut portions will likely become moldy and rot.

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