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How to Install Lawn Edging Pavers

By Elizabeth Knoll

Lawn edging pavers are very common in landscaped gardens. They are very inexpensive and available at most garden centers. They form a distinct border between your lawn and your garden beds, prevent grass and weeds from infiltrating your garden and keep the mulch and soil in your garden.

Lay out the area where you want your pavers to run. Make an outline on the ground with a garden hose, extension cord or string. These can be easily manipulated to make gentle curving patterns that are visually appealing.

Determine how much of your pavers you want exposed above the ground. Dig a trench as wide as your pavers and 1 inch deeper than you need to keep them at a certain height above the ground. For example, if your pavers are 3 inches thick and you want 1 inch above the ground, dig down 3 inches. The trench should follow the curve of your intended garden bed.

Lay landscape fabric on the bottom of the trench to prevent grass and weeds from growing up between the pavers. Add 1 inch of sand to the bottom of the entire trench. This will help keep the pavers all the same height along your garden border.

Start laying your pavers into the trench one at a time. Ensure they are the same height as you work. If a paver is too low, add a bit more sand below it; if it is too high, gently tap it down.

Water the pavers lightly to settle them. Step back from the edging to ensure it looks visually appealing from a distance. Make adjustments to the pavers as necessary if any look out of place.