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How to Remove the Rear Wheel From a Simplicity Mower

Inevitably you will get a flat tire on your Simplicity riding mower. Changing a tire on the Simplicity is a little different than most riding lawn mowers. To remove the rear wheel on the Simplicity, you will need to remove lug bolts. The tires secure to the mower much like your automobile. Once you remove the tire, you can quickly repair it or place a new tire on the rim.

Park the Simplicity mower on a flat surface such as your garage or driveway. Engage the brake and pull out the ignition key. Avoid changing tires on the lawn because the jack and jack stands can sink into the soil.

Place two blocks of wood around the front and back of one front tire. The wood will act as wheel chocks to keep the mower from rolling forward as you lift the rear end.

Position a jack under the center of the rear frame. Raise the rear of the mower until the rear tires are 6 inches off the ground.

Set jack stands under the rear frame on each side of the floor jack. Adjust the jack stands so that they come in contact with the rear frame. Lower the floor jack slowly until all the weight of the mower is resting on the jack stands. Leave the floor jack under the rear frame just touching the frame.

Remove the center cap on the rear wheel with a pair of channel lock pliers. You will need to turn the cap slightly and pull the cap away from the tire.

Remove the five wheel lug bolts from the tire with an appropriate size socket wrench. Pull the tire away from the wheel hub and the mower.

Remove The Rear Wheel On A Lawn-boy Riding Mower

Move your Lawn-Boy riding mower to a hard, flat surface such as a garage or driveway. Turn the ignition off, put the parking brake on and remove the spark plug boot from the spark plug to prevent accidental starts. Place a brick in the front of each front tire to prevent the mower from rolling. Grasp the round part of the E-ring on the axle with a pair of needle-nose pliers and pull it straight off the axle. Make repairs to the tire or replace it and reassemble it on the axle in the reverse order of disassembly. Lower the jack, remove the bricks and replace the spark plug boot.

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