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How to Keep Deer Away From Geraniums

Japanese deer image by vitaly from

Deer are mammals that love to feast on grass, shrubs, leaves from trees, and flowers. One type of flower that deer will eat if they find it is a geranium. If you enjoy growing flowers on your property, and you have some geraniums, you may be at risk of a deer invasion. Rather than wake up one morning to find your prized geraniums gone, get active in keeping deer away from your flowers.

Plant flowers that deer do not like. Planting these flowers around and among your geraniums will hide the geraniums so that deer do not find them. Flowers that deer are not fond of include wild indigo, daffodils, dahlia and rosemary.

Train your dog to scare away deer. If your dog is not much of a hunter, you can also collect its hair. Spread the dog hair around the ground near the geraniums. This will deter the deer because they will smell dog and think there is one in the area.

Beat your eggs in a bowl. Add water to the bowl and beat again. Sprinkle this mixture over your geraniums to repel the deer. You will need to make a new batch each time it rains.

Set up an electric fence around your property to protect your geraniums. These fences have peanut butter feeding stations. When the deer go to lick the peanut butter, they get a shock. The deer then learn to stay away from your property.


You can use human hair instead of dog hair if you don't have a dog.


If you choose to use a regular fence to keep the deer away from your geraniums, make sure your fences are at least eight feet high so that the deer can't jump over them.

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