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How to Adjust the Idle Screw on a Leaf Blower

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Leaf blowers, like all lawn power equipment, should idle without the engine shutting down. You can adjust the idle screw on a leaf blower, although there are no rotating mechanisms to help identify when you achieve the perfect idle like there are on a trimmer. You must balance the idle somewhere between the engine running without shutting off, yet still reaching full operating speed without any type of hesitation.

Locate the idle screw on your leaf blower. Most idle mixture screws are between the air filter housing and the body of the blower.

Start the blower engine, and allow the leaf blower to run at high idle for one minute.

Turn the throttle lever down to the slow position, and allow the leaf blower to idle. If the blower shuts off, turn the idle screw 1/8 turn clockwise with a flathead screwdriver. Start the engine, and allow the engine to idle. Continue turning the idle screw in 1/8 turn increments until the engine idles without shutting off.

Press on the throttle trigger to rev the engine to full operating speed. If the engine hesitates when raising the RPM, turn the idle screw 1/16 turn counterclockwise. Continue making these adjustments until the blower idles and revs up without hesitation.

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