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How to Care for My Outdoor Yucca Plant

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The yucca plant, a perennial evergreen, is part of the Agavaceae plant family, which includes around 50 species. Yucca plants consist of green dagger-like leaves with towering flower stalks growing in the center to heights ranging from 5 to 30 feet. These flowers bloom from summer to fall and most are edible. Outside yucca plants grow in the southeastern region of America and all through Mexico. Caring for yucca plants outside requires minimal maintenance once planted.

Water newly planted yucca plants well during the first season to establish the root system. Water outside yucca plants only every two to three weeks, during extreme dry periods for the following seasons.

Cut back the flower stalk annually after the flowers bloom in the summer. Cut any dead foliage on the yucca each spring. Wear gloves for protection against the sharp edges of the yucca plant.

Apply fertilizer to the outside yucca plant in the spring. Reapply no more than every one or two years, according to your soil conditions and plant development.

Dig up any offshoots emerging in the area around the parent yucca to control or propagate. Plant the offshoots in other areas to establish new yucca plants.

Care For My Outdoor Yucca Plant

The yucca plant--scientifically known as Yucca aloifolia, and also called Spanish dagger plant and the aloe yucca--is a spiky-leaved perennial shrub native to the Southwestern United States. Tolerant of salt, heat, wind and drought, the yucca makes a dramatic accent planting in coastal areas. With some basic care, your aloe yucca will add texture and interest to your landscape for many years. Make sure the site is located in a place where the yucca's spines won't endanger passersby; yuccas can cause puncture wounds even through clothes and are often planted beneath windows to discourage trespassers. Prune your yucca plant in the spring for dead, hanging leaves.


Grow outdoor yucca plants in areas away from animals and people, especially children. The leaves of yucca plants are extremely sharp and can cause serious harm. Place a fence or other barrier around the plants, if needed for protection.

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