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How to Care for a Hoya Bella Plant

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Hoya bella is a climbing succulent native to the tropical forest regions of China, Indonesia, India and Australia. Hoya bella is one of more than 40 Hoya varieties and is often referred to as miniature wax plant, small wax flower, wax vine, wax plant or porcelain flower. The leaves of the Hoya bella are waxy and the plant produces clusters of small star-shaped white flowers with purple pinkish centers that emit sweet fragrances. Hoya bella plants need minimal care, and they grow well in either pots or hanging baskets.

Plant Hoya bella plants in high-quality potting soil mixed with sand in containers with drainage holes. Insert climbing stakes for support in pots, but these are not required for Hoya bellas growing in hanging baskets.

Grow Hoya bellas in locations that provide full sun during the early part of the day, such as near a south or west window inside or on a protected porch, balcony or patio area outside. The excessive heat from direct afternoon sunlight could burn the plant.

Place a drainage dish filled with gravel under the pot holding the Hoya bella to create a humid environment. Keep the water level in the drainage dish low enough so that the pot holding the plant does not sit in any water. Cover the soil in the container with one inch of gravel.

Water Hoya bella plants thoroughly with warm water. Allow at least the top two inches of soil to dry before watering again. Water less often in the winter.

Apply a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer to the Hoya bella twice a year. Add fertilizer as directed in April and again in July.


Do not move or handle the Hoya bella at all when it is blooming.


Do not remove any of the flower stalks on the Hoya bella plant after the bloom period. These stalks will generate additional blossoms the next season.

Keep the Hoya bella plant far away from children or pets, since it is poisonous if eaten.

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