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Common Flowers for Bouquets

By Suzie Faloon ; Updated September 21, 2017
Common cut flowers
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Certain flowers that work well in bouquets have been favored by gardeners and floral designers for generations. The home gardener and commercial grower supplies the colorful, fragrant blossoms to be used for any occasion, weddings and funerals. Common flowers are readily available at your local florist shops, vendors and farmer's markets.

All Occasion

Rose bouquets are perfect for any day
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Flowers are arranged in bouquets for birthdays, dinner parties, events, get well and I love you bundles. Carnations and roses are two of the most common flower used for everyday and special occasion bouquets. Daisies, alstroemeria, lilies and chrysanthemum poms are commonly used for floral arrangements. Colorful statice, babies breath and German statice are often used as filler flowers in bouquets. Wildflowers including Queen Anne's Lace, poppies and black-eyed Susan's are beautiful common flowers found during the summer.


Roses, lilies, carnations, gerbera daisies and an assortment of orchids are the most common flowers for wedding bouquets. Smaller flowers such as sweetheart roses, daisies, freesia, miniature carnations and stephanotis are often used in bridal bouquets. Iris and lilac is common especially during the spring wedding season. Common regional flowers will differ from locale to locale for the bride to choose from.


Basket of wild and garden flowers
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Larger flowers such as the gladiolus, chrysanthemum and snapdragons are common for funeral flower bouquets. Roses, carnations, iris, tulips and daisies come in colors appropriate for the season and the solemn activities surrounding the funeral. Summer gardens yield peonies, hydrangea and sunflowers for large bouquets in urns, vases or baskets. Wildflowers in a mixed arrangement with garden flowers fill a basket for visitation hours, funeral or a sympathy bouquet for the home.


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