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Types of Orchids for Corsages

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When it comes to making corsages, an orchid is a popular choice of flower. Orchids can complement any type of wedding or party, from the simple or traditional to the modern or sophisticated and exotic. An orchid's bloom can be long-lasting, which is ideal for corsages worn at weddings, proms and events that can last for several hours.


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Also known as “moth orchid,” a phalaenopsis orchid blooms during the months of December through May. The flowers of phalaenopsis hybrids measure from 2 to 5 inches in diameter. Five petals, mostly lobed in shape, overlap with each other. A single phalaenopsis flower can be a corsage on its own with little embellishment. If you prefer a fuller corsage, surround the orchid with smaller filler flowers, ribbons and beads.

Phalaenopsis orchids are available in white, pinks, lavender and yellow, in solid colors and mixes of stripes and spots. Choose any color that will complement your gown or theme of the party you will be joining. Phalaenopsis flowers offer both exotic form and superb longevity. Individual blooms can last up to three months. Flowers open sequentially at 2- to 5-day intervals along an arching spike. Phalaenopsis can make beautiful pin-up (lapel), wrist, purse and armband corsages.


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Dendrobium orchids have cane-like stalks and colorful flowers. They are epiphytic (deriving moisture and nutrients from the air and rain) and bulbless. Their evergreen leaves are narrow and bright green. Dendrobium flowers measure from 1 to 2 inches across. Blooms last up to four months and range from green, yellow, purple and pink.

Create a wrist corsage purely with dendrobium orchids and add strings of pearls to make the corsage look like an elegant bracelet. Dendrobium can act as accompanying or filler flowers for bigger orchids such as phalaenopsis and cattleya.


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If you prefer a single-flower corsage, consider a cattleya orchid. Cattleya orchids, sometimes known as "queen of the orchids," are native to tropical America. Best known for their incredible array of flowers, the size and number of flowers vary by variety.

Cattleyas can vary in size from 2 to 7 inches, or more. They come in all colors except true blue or black. The typical flower has three narrow sepals and three broader petals. Two petals are similar to each other, while the third is different with conspicuous lip, featuring various markings. The petals have specks and frilly margin, which fold into tube at the base. Each flower stalk originates from a pseudobulb. Blooms may last from two to three months. Cattleyas are ideal for pin-up or lapel corsages because of their large size.

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