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How to Make a Bamboo Trellis

bamboo thicket image by Jeff Davies from

Add charm to your backyard with a simple bamboo trellis to support climbing vegetables such as cucumbers, peas and beans, or flowering vines such as morning glory and jasmine. Trellising also clears up ground space, allowing you to grow other plants or vegetables there. Bamboo shoots are tall, lightweight yet sturdy, and last many years before showing signs of deterioration. Find bamboo shoots from your local field or park, or purchase them pre-cut from your local home improvement store.

Draw the desired shape of your bamboo trellis on paper so you can make all necessary adjustments. Combine horizontal and vertical poles to create a beautiful latticework trellis that decorates any spot and complements the surrounding space. Also measure spacing between horizontal and vertical bamboo lengths to make things easier when you begin assembling the trellis. Keep the trellis 6 feet above ground.

Lay all your 8-foot tall bamboo poles on a flat and even surface. Measure and cut them into horizontal and vertical poles to size with a handsaw according to the design and measurements on your paper. Cut above each node to prevent water from collecting in the bamboo pole; this will eventually lead to mold problems and rot.

Arrange your horizontal and vertical bamboo poles on a flat surface, using the design as reference. Measure the space between the poles with a ruler to ensure it is correct and corresponds to the desired measurement on the design.

Mark intersecting points of poles that cross one another with a pencil to determine the exact spot where you should join them.

Wind a length of leashing cord around two intersecting poles several times to join them securely together. Trim excess cord length off with sharp scissors and repeat the procedure over two other intersecting poles, ensuring you join them over the pencil-marked spots. Join all intersecting poles the same way.

Clear the spot where you want to install the trellis of weeds, plant debris and rocks. Measure and dig two holes in the ground and lower the "feet" of the trellis into them. Pour soil into the holes to fill gaps in the holes, and tamp it down to remove air bubbles.


The number of bamboo poles you need depends on the shape and size of your trellis.

Use pruners to cut thin bamboo poles instead of a saw.

Substitute leashing cord with lightweight wire if you have any. Twist it around each intersection two or three times before cutting excess off with pliers.

You can also hang the bamboo trellis from a fence or wall.

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