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How to Install a String on a Homelite Weedeater

Installing string on a Homelite weedeater requires more than just one string. The Homelite uses a stringer spool that accepts two strings. This makes for more even and faster trimming. Homelite recommends using a .080 replacement trimmer line when replacing the line on your trimmer. Removing the spool will require no tools and you can wind new string in a matter of minutes.

Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug with your fingers. Place the Homelite weedeater on its side with the fuel cap pointing away from the ground.

Grab the trimmer head with one hand and turn the spool retainer knob counter-clockwise with your other hand. Pull the stringer spool from the trimmer head with the spring intact on the spool. The spring sits between the spool and the trimmer head and attaches to the spool.

Remove any remaining string from the spool and clean the inside of the trimmer head housing with a cloth. Examine the stringer spool and notice that there are two channels for string. One upper channel and one lower channel. You will restring the spool with two pieces of string.

Cut two pieces of 9-foot long string from the bulk line spool with scissors. Locate the string anchor hole in the upper part of the spool. The hole will just be big enough for the string. Insert one end of one of the 9-foot pieces of string into the anchor hole.

Wind the string tightly and evenly counter-clockwise around the upper channel of the spool. Keep winding until there is only 6-inches of string left. Hook the remaining 6-inches into the slot on the upper flange of the spool.

Insert one end of the remaining string into the string anchor hole in the lower part of the spool. Wind the string counter-clockwise around the lower channel of the spool until there is only 6-inches of string remaining.

Insert the remaining 6-inches into a slot on the upper flange directly across from the first string. Insert the spool into the trimmer head with the spring pointing toward the head. Guide the ends of the string through the holes in the side of the trimmer head housing.

Hold the spool and trimmer head and reattach the spool retainer knob, turning the knob clockwise to secure the stringer spool. Plug the spark plug wire back over the spark plug.


Always disconnect the plug wire before attempting any repairs on your Homelite weedeater.

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