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How to Change a Tire on a Snapper Lawn Mower

Changing tires on your Snapper lawn mower is the same as on any other standard riding mower or lawn tractor. There is a difference between the front and rear tires. The rear tires have a square key that locks the tire onto the rear axle. This is how the tire rotates when the mower is in gear. When changing tires it is important that you do not lose the square key. Without the key the mower will not move when you engage the gears.

Park the Snapper mower on a level surface. Turn off the mower deck PTO and engage the parking brake. Block one of the tires on the opposite end from the faulty tire with two pieces of wood--one piece in front of the tire and one piece behind the tire. This will keep the mower from rolling as you jack the mower.

Position a floor jack under the middle of the rear or front frame of the mower. Raise the mower with the jack until the faulty tire is 2 inches off the ground. Place jack stands under the frame on each side of the floor jack. Adjust the jack stand height to meet the frame. Slowly lower the mower until the weight of the mower is on the jack stands.

Remove the axle cap from the center of the faulty tire. The cap will pop off with your fingers. If necessary you can pull the cap off with a pair of pliers. Locate the retaining ring on the end of the axle. Pry the retaining ring off with a flat-head screwdriver and remove the flat washer from the axle.

Find the square key that is between the center of the wheel rim and the axle, if you're replacing a rear tire. This key locks the wheel to the axle. Lock a pair of vise grips to the end of the square key. Use a hammer to tap the vise grips away from the mower to remove the square key.

Pull the tire off the mower and inspect the sleeve on the axle. The sleeve may stay on the rim as you remove the tire. The sleeve will need to be on the axle when installing the new tire.

Place the new tire on the axle over the sleeve. Rotate the rim of the tire until the notch lines up with the notch on the axle to form a square, if working on a back tire. Insert the square key into the notches and gently tap the key with a hammer. Leave ½ inch of the key sticking out so that you can remove it when necessary.

Place the flat washers over the axle and position the retaining ring over the end of the axle. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the retaining ring over the axle. Push the axle cap back over the end of the axle.

Raise the mower and take the jack stands out from under the frame. Lower the mower and remove the jack and wheel blocks.


Replacement tires are available through authorized Snapper dealers.


Always use jack stands to support your Snapper mower when working on a raised mower.

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