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How to Train a Zucchini Plant to Grow Up a Trellis

By Jenny Harrington ; Updated September 21, 2017
Grow straight zucchini on a trellis.
zucchini image by Igor Zhorov from Fotolia.com

Vertical gardening frees up valuable space in your home vegetable garden. Many plants that are normally left to sprawl over the garden bed can be trained to a trellis. Zucchini is a popular garden vegetable that thrives on a trellis. Trellising helps ensure straight fruit and prevents the fruit from contracting soil-borne diseases. Zucchini plants already produce vines, and training these vines to a trellis requires very little work to maintain throughout the gardening season.

Install a 6-foot, or taller, trellis in the garden prior to planting the zucchini. Drive the trellis support poles 18 inches into the garden bed to ensure it is not pulled down under the weight of the squash.

Guide the main zucchini vine onto the trellis once it is long enough. Tie the stem to the bottom of the trellis with a length of gardening twine. Loop the twine around the trellis and vine in a figure-eight, placing the cross-over point on the figure-eight between the vine and trellis to cushion the squash.

Tie the vine as it grows to the trellis using the figure-eight knot. Tie just above each stem or blossom cluster so the stems are not stripped off if the vine sags.

Cut a 1-foot length from an old pair of pantyhose or a cotton t-shirt. Tie each end of the strip to the trellis to form a sling under each developing zucchini. Set the zucchini in the sling to support its weight so it doesn't prematurely slip off the vine.

Pinch off the tip of the main vine when it reaches the top of the trellis. This prevents further upward growth and encourages branching. Tie the new side-vines to the trellis in the same way that the main vines were tied.


Things You Will Need

  • Trellis
  • Plant ties
  • Fabric


  • Use an existing fence as a zucchini trellis.
  • Wood, vinyl and metal trellis panels are available at most home improvement stores.


  • Never tie the vine too tightly. Leave some slack in the twine, otherwise the twine may severe the vine as it grows.

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