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How to Level the Cutting Deck on a Troy Built Lawn Mower

By Kenneth Crawford ; Updated September 21, 2017

Leveling the deck on your Troy Bilt lawn mower is a little different than how you would level a standard mower. The Troy Bilt mower uses two adjustment areas, which eliminates the need adjust all four sides. A deck that is not level will give your lawn an uneven look and in some cases could cause damage, depending upon how far out of level the deck has become. However, by taking just a few minutes and a couple of hand tools you can quickly level the deck.

Park the Troy Bilt lawn mower on a flat level surface. It is better to park the lawn mower in the driveway or the garage to level the mower deck. Turn the mower off and take the key out of the ignition.

Pull the deck lift handle to the highest position to raise the mower deck fully. Reach under the deck and rotate the mower blades so that the ends are facing the sides of the mower. Use the deck lift handle to lower the deck to the middle height.

Measure the distance between the outside tip edge of the left blade to the ground with a tape measure. Go to the right side and measure the outside tip of the right blade to the ground. The measurement should be the same. If they are different, compare the measurements to determine if the left side of the deck must be raised or lowered.

Go to the left side of the mower deck and locate the cap screw on the left deck hangar bracket. Loosen the screw with a socket wrench just enough so that you can rotate the flat gear behind the screw.

Rotate the gear clockwise to raise the left side of the mower deck or counter-clockwise to lower the side of the mower deck. Tighten the cap screw with the wrench and re-measure both sides of the deck again.

Rotate the blades so that the ends are facing front to back. Measure the distance between the edge of the right blade to the ground. Go to the back of the deck and measure the other end of the right blade to the ground. The front of the deck should be ΒΌ-inch lower than the rear of the deck.

Adjust the front of the deck with the two hex nuts on the front rod hangar bracket. Lossen the top hex nut with a wrench. Turn the inner hex nut clockwise to raise the front of the mower deck or turn the counter-clockwise to lower the front. Retighten the outer hex nut to the inner hex nut.


Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Socket wrench
  • Wrench set

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