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How to Protect Grapevines From Deer

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Deer are nice to observe from a distance, but they can do a lot of damage if they get on your property. If you own a grapevine, take the necessary precautions to keep the deer away. Otherwise, the deer may destroy your crop. It is much easier to prevent the deer from entering your vineyard than it is to clean up after they have already been there.

Set up a motion-activated sprinkler. Whenever the deer come close to the grapevines, the sprinkler will activate. This will scare the deer and send them running in the opposite direction.

Blend 12 whole eggs in a blender. Add the eggs to a 5-gallon bucket of water. Mix until well-blended. Spray this mixture around your vineyard to repel deer.

Set up a sonic device near your grapevines. These devices are battery-operated and can be placed anywhere. When a deer approaches, the sonic device will set off a high-frequency noise and turn on an LED light. This will startle the deer out of your garden.

Install an 8-foot fence around the grapevines. This is the best way to ensure that deer do not damage your grapevines. Fencing is an expensive option, but it will last a long time and will keep your vineyard intact.


An electric fence will also repel deer. These fences shock the deer and teach them not to come back again.

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