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How to Replace the Fuel Line on a Ryobi String Trimmer

Over time, fuel lines become brittle and begin to leak. You can replace the fuel lines on your Ryobi quickly and get your trimmer operating again. You'll need to replace two fuel lines. One is the fuel supply line. This line has the fuel filter on one end in the fuel tank. The line runs to the left side of the carburetor. The other fuel line is the return line that returns unused fuel from the carburetor back to the fuel tank.

Open the fuel tank, and pour the remaining fuel in the tank into a fuel container. If the fuel is clean, you can reuse the fuel after you replace the fuel lines.

Cut the bottom straight portion of a metal clothes hanger with tin snips. Bend the last 1-inch of one end to a hook with a pair of needle nose pliers. Insert the hook end of the piece of metal into the fuel tank, and grab the fuel line. Pull the fuel line up until the fuel filter on the end of the line is out of the tank.

Follow the fuel line that the filter is on to the carburetor. Pull the line off the carburetor port with your fingers. Grab the line under the fuel filter, and pull the line through the tank and away from the trimmer.

Locate the return fuel line that connects from the right side of the primer bulb to the fuel tank. Pull the line away from the area of the primer bulb, and pull the line away from the fuel tank.

Pull the fuel filter off the first fuel line. Take the lines to a small engine repair shop to purchase replacements. Each line has a different outside dimension, and you must make sure that the new lines match the old ones.

Place one end of the return line to the port beside the primer bulb. Insert the other end through the fuel tank. The fuel tank end will only go ΒΌ inch into the fuel tank.

Insert the fuel supply line into the fuel tank and through the grommet on the side of the tank. This grommet will be tight; you will need to use some force to get the tip past the grommet. Keep pushing the line through until there is 1-inch sticking past the outside of the tank that you can grab with your fingers.

Slide the fuel filter over the tank end of the fuel line, but do not set the fuel filter in the tank yet.

Pull the other end of the fuel line with your fingers, and push it over the carburetor port. Insert the fuel filter into the fuel tank, and shake the tank back and forth until the line lays in the bottom of the fuel tank.

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