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Protecting a Vegetable Garden From Squirrels

By Mandi Rogier ; Updated September 21, 2017
Squirrels may seem adorable until they get into your vegetable garden.
squirrel image by Tanya McConnell from Fotolia.com

Squirrels can be cute and entertaining creatures when they are scampering about your trees or harmlessly exploring the backyard. But these small furry creatures can quickly transform into serious pests when they begin to get into your vegetable garden. As squirrels dig holes to bury nuts, they often come across seeds and vegetables that are a tasty surprise. Whether you already have a squirrel problem in your garden, or you’re simply looking to take some preventative measures, there are several methods to protect your vegetable garden from squirrels.

Cover your vegetable garden with wire mesh. Make sure the openings in the mesh are no larger than 1/2 inch, or the squirrels will be able to get through.

Weigh down the edges of the wire mesh with bricks. Remove the mesh to tend to the plants, then replace it immediately when you're done.

Remove all other temptations from your yard. Standing water and bird baths provide a welcome drink for squirrels, and pet food or bird seed left outside is an enticing snack.

Place baffles on any bird feeders to keep squirrels away from them. These inverted cones keep squirrels from climbing up to the feeders and snacking on the seeds. When this food source is eliminated, the squirrels will be forced to find another yard for their tasty treats.


Things You Will Need

  • Wire mesh
  • Bricks
  • Baffles


  • Humane squirrel traps can be used to capture and remove one or two problem squirrels, but this may not be a lasting solution--new squirrels will probably come along to replace the ones you have removed.
  • Bitter tasting sprays and wildlife repellents can affect the flavor of the vegetables for you as much as they do for the squirrels, so these types of remedies shouldn't be used on plants you plan to eat.

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