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How to Use Clorox As a Weed Killer

By Deborah Waltenburg ; Updated September 21, 2017
A little bleach can go a long way in the war against weeds.

Weeds are plants that grow rapidly in areas where they are not wanted, depleting nutrients and moisture from wanted plants. Whether in the flowerbed, garden or yard, weeds of all shapes and sizes appear as soon as the weather is warm enough for them to grow. They can wreak havoc unless they are properly controlled and eliminated. Although there is a wide variety of chemical-based, toxic herbicides from which to choose, household products, such as bleach, are also effective methods for keeping weeds at bay.

Label a spray bottle with the word "BLEACH", in capital letters. Use a permanent marker.

Fill the spray bottle with bleach. You should make the transfer in a sink, using the funnel to gently pour the bleach into the bottle. Be sure that the funnel will not be used later with foods. Take care to avoid splashing the bleach onto clothing or flooring. Tightly replace the spray cap.

Spray bleach onto the weeds until they are thoroughly saturated. You can use a paper bag or piece of cardboard to protect any desired plants from the overspray that might occur.

Allow the weeds to sit for 2 days so that the bleach can dissipate. Once the proper time has elapsed, the harmful bleach compounds will oxidize. Once that occurs, it will be safe to plant other greenery in that spot. The bleach kills plants by altering the pH level, raising the alkalinity while eliminating the acidity.


Things You Will Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Permanent marker
  • Funnel
  • Bleach
  • Paper bag or large piece of cardboard
  • Water


  • You can use a new spray bottle or repurpose a spray bottle that previously held cleaning products.


  • If overspray should contact any desired plant, spray it down immediately with water to wash away the bleach and possibly prevent damage to the plant.

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