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How to Spray Prowl Herbicide for Crabgrass

Prowl is a pre-emergent liquid herbicide that keeps target weeds like crabgrass from growing. What is unique about Prowl is that, unlike most herbicides, it is safe to use around edible crops. Crabgrass grows aggressively and it can quickly spread out of your lawn and into your garden. By spraying Prowl in your garden, you can prevent crabgrass from encroaching on your plants and stealing their nutrients. However, you should still take care when applying Prowl. Your plants may survive but their leaves are likely to become burned if they come into direct contact with the herbicide.

Pull up as much of the crabgrass as possible by hand. Prowl is a pre-emergent herbicide and it will not kill any existing crabgrass.

Measure the appropriate amount of Prowl herbicide. Follow the manufacturer's instructions, but in general you will need between 4 and 6 tsp. (more for fine soils, less for coarse soils) of Prowl herbicide per 1000 square feet of soil.

Fill a garden sprayer with 2 gallons of water per 1000 square feet to be treated and then add the appropriate amount of Prowl herbicide.

Spray the appropriate amount of Prowl herbicide evenly over the soil.

Water the area with 1 to 2 inches of water to incorporate Prowl into the soil.

Control persistent crab grass by pulling it up again and then treating the soil with a different pre-emergent herbicide. Repeated use of the same herbicide will encourage crabgrass to develop resistance to it.

Spray Prowl Herbicide For Crabgrass

Pull as much as crabgrass from the affected areas as possible and burn it or add it to a hot compost pile. Prowl H2O will not kill existing crabgrass, so you need to remove any crabgrass that's already growing. Adjust the spray control to a fine mist if you live a relatively humid area. Water the sprayed area with 2 inches of water from a water hose or a sprinkler irrigation system if you don’t expect rain for a day or two to help transfer the Prowl herbicide to the crabgrass root system. Store unused Prowl in the compression tank in a cool area, such as a garage, if you want to reuse it. If disposing of premixed Prowl H2O, which comes in a ready-to-use container, store it until chemical-waste pickup day and give it to the sanitation service for disposal.


Prowl should be applied to bean and pea beds before planting.

Prowl should be applied to potato beds after planting but before germination.

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