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How to Use Bleach for a Weed Killer

By Elizabeth Knoll ; Updated September 21, 2017
Kill this weed with bleach.

If you own a washing machine, chances are that you also own a bottle of bleach. Bleach has a longstanding reputation for removing stains from white garments, but it also can be used as a herbicide to kill unwanted grass and weeds from your yard. The bleach will dissipate from the surrounding soil in a few days, which will allow you plant desirable plants in the location soon after killing the weeds. Few items are needed to use bleach as a weed killer.

Fill up a spray bottle with undiluted bleach. Spray bottles can be located at most garden centers and are typically sold as plant misting bottles.

Spray the bleach on the plants you wish to kill. Spray enough on the plants so that they are wet, but not dripping.

Repeat the application two or three days later to any plants that have not completely died.

Pull the weeds out from the ground after they have died. Their root systems should have sufficiently shriveled up to promote easy removal.


Things You Will Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Undiluted bleach


  • Bleach will kill any plant it comes in contact with. If a desirable plant accidentally gets sprayed, wash it off immediately with water.
  • Bleach may significantly raise your soil's pH level. It is not recommended to use bleach around plants that are sensitive to pH changes.


  • Do not mix bleach with any other household chemicals. Mixing bleach with other chemicals can release toxic gases.