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Landscape Timber Ideas

By Tanya Khan ; Updated September 21, 2017
Landscape timbers

Create useful and wonderful objects such as a trellis, planter boxes, benches , tables and wishing wells for your home or garden from landscape timber. This wood is already treated, so do not worry about it rotting outside. Place your project strategically in your lawn so it is functional and decorative. Be careful when cutting the timber to prevent injuring yourself.

Garden Bench

Sand the landscape timber to a fine finish and turn it to a garden bench. Display it under a tree or water feature to provide hours of enjoyment. Use four same-length timbers attached to perpendicularly placed strip brackets. Attach vertical timbers to the seat with L-brackets to make side supports. Paint it to match the exterior of your house, or leave it for a natural look.

Raised Beds

Create raised beds for flowers, plants and vegetables with landscape timbers. Stack them over one another until your desired height, and fill it with good quality soil. You can even stack them around a tree to create interest and break the monotony in your lawn. Let your creativity flow when landscaping with them. Lay the timber boards in your desired shape, fill them with soil and grow brightly colored plants in different shapes or initials.

Small Walls

Create a small wall with timbers to demarcate your land. Stack two rows over one another to separate your yard from your neighbors, or different parts of your yard. Arrange pots containing climbing vines at the base of the timbers and train them to grow on them and eventually cover the wall with foliage and flowers.

Backyard or Patio Tables

Landscape timbers make rustic yet sturdy patio tables. Cut the timber to size with a circular saw and assemble it as you would a simple garden bench. Stack several layers to your desired width and height over a spot to create a simple and natural table.


Landscape timbers make an excellent choice for deck or patio planters. Measure and cut the timber to size for the four sides, and assemble to a plywood sheet base. Drill drainage holes in the plywood sheet, fill with good quality potting soil and different flowers or plants. Create simple square or rectangular planters at first, slowly progressing to constructing angular shapes. Consider adding casters under the planters so they are portable, as landscape timber is heavy and difficult to move.

Wishing Well

Add interest to your garden by creating a wishing well with landscape timbers. Cut the box to size with timbers, extending one on each side to form roof supports. Create a roof with treated plywood or lattice sheet.


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